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At Prestige Education Consulting, we offer full packages designed to help your child prepare the admission process in an efficient and organized way. Our counselors have experience over 20 years, and they understand  what schools are looking for in prospective students

Classmates in the Library

Boarding School 


Boarding school admission service

Applicable Grade: 7th and 8th grade

Period: School Year (2 yr)


Provided Consulting Services: 

  1. Boarding School Selection

  2. Application Strategy

  3. Essay Planning & Development

  4. Preparing Recommendations

  5. Resume Preparation

  6. Interview Preparation

  7. School Visit

  8. Final Application Review & Follow up

Why Choose Prestige? 

Boarding School Experts

Our expert counselors understand what schools are looking for in prospective students, and we prepare a comprehensive application.


Unparalleled Experience

Over the last 20 years, we have helped countless students get into the top boarding schools. With more than 2 decades of commitment, we are continuing our legacy. 

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One-Stop Service

From the school selection process to application preparation, we will make the whole process in an efficient and organized way. 

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